Beach Sailing

For Fresh Air in your Team

Sun, beach and endless space. These are the attributes that you will experience during this beach incentive. A beach sailor silently crosses the width of the Wadden Sea, driven only by the force of nature’s wind. This outdoor team building event is accompanied by experienced coaches who have been exploring the beaches on their board for many years. What looks difficult, quickly turns out to be possible: After a short time, the incentive participants have learned to sail on the beach and reach breathtaking speeds of up to 60km / h. After all participants of the beach incentive have inhaled enough fresh sea air, they’ll meet for a leisurely drink at a nearby location or taste the fruits of the sea in a restaurant. A barbecue completes this team event so that you can talk about the experience you’ve just had.

What you’ll experience:

Your mind is free as soon as you sit in the sail board and surf the beach. There is room for new thoughts and motivation. Confidence in oneself and in one's colleagues is encouraged, because at first, you’ll be trained using the buddy system. Pure nature, sand everywhere, frizzy hair, a smile on your face are the testimonials of this team event.



Short Overview/Itinerary:

• Meeting with the coaches in the clubhouse or another location
• Instruction and explanation about the team event
• Assignment of safety materials (helmet)
• Division into teams of two (buddy system)
• Riding the beach sailors. After a certain time has passed, change drivers
• After the team event is completed, enjoy drinks and a barbeque


  • event type:  Team building
  • suits to:  Fun, communication, slowing down, motivation
  • Location:  outdoor
  • people:  10-25 (per group)
  • duration:  2-4 hours
  • season:  All year round
  • City:  At the beach
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