Bosseln - Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

A Frisian Sports Tradition

„Let it roll!“ Bosseln is a friendly team event of the Frisian kind. It brings impetus to your team and ensures a lot of fun. With this Northern German popular sport, you can spend pleasant hours in the open air with a Bossel hike - no matter where you're located in Germany.
At least two teams compete against each other and throw the Bossel on a fixed track. Important is to throw the ball as far as possible, but also to celebrate every throw. The goal is to complete the course with as few throws as possible. Whose ball is farthest from the path, must drink a Schnapps as a penalty. We're also happy to add further activities into this team experience. The mandatory cart full of food and games will be packed and ready to roll.

What You'll Experience

You'll be outside, in the fresh air, and will be one with nature, enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscape. A good mood, fun and communication are guaranteed with this team building outdoor event! Ideal for a break from everyday life and popular for company outings.



Short Overview/Itinerary:

•  Welcome by the team leader, explanation of the itinerary and separation into small groups.
•  Bosseln together with your team along various paths, in the woods or on a field.
•  Scoring of the competition and victory celebration


  • event type:  Team building
  • suits to:  Team experience, Sociability, Fun, Communication
  • Location:  Germany
  • people:  10-25
  • duration:  2-4 hours
  • season:  All year round
  • City:  Outdoor
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