Cultural Program

Pay attention to your surroundings!

Often one sees cities only from the meeting room and thinks, 'oh, wouldn't it be nice to walk down those streets?'. Sometimes, it only takes 1 1/2 hours to do so. Why not take a coffee break or your lunch break outside and combine it with a guided walk? City tours tell stories and allow you to fully experience the beauty of the area. They offer open space and fresh air for new ideas, so that the connection can continue vigorously in the meeting room. If time permits, we can also connect guided tours with a train ride, e.g. with the Mollie Steam Train, or a boat trip. This way, you can also experience the city on the waterside, or even visit the churches and enjoy an exclusive organ concert.

What You'll Experience:

The guests experience and learn a lot of interesting things about the region, city and area.

Experienced guides will take you on a discovery trip of your home and tell anecdotes and stories with much enthusiasm.

The walking tour is entertaining, not exhausting like a marathon.

Short Overview/Itinerary:

  • An experienced tour guide welcomes the guests at the meeting point.
  • After everyone has arrived, the discovery trip begins.
  • The tour guide takes guests into the most beautiful and interesting corners of the city.
  • Numbers and data are not important. Instead, what's left in their heads are the interesting stories, both beautiful and sometimes a bit eerie.
  • At some point, a stop is made at a typcial and very cozy local shop.
  • Refreshments are on board the passenger ship.
  • From here, the captain takes his guests for a tour. All clear for departure!
  • The tour takes about 1 - 1 1/2 hours.


  • event type:  Day trip, supporting program
  • suits to:  Attention grabbing, expanding horizons, sparking conversation
  • Location:  outdoor
  • people:  10- no limit
  • duration:  2-4 hours
  • season:  all year round
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