Team Building - the Fountain of Team Spirit

Through our team building elements and events, we help you to kindle the team spirit – authentically and effectively. We believe that games create the most effective teamwork. No matter what time of the year or whether it's for your company trip, celebration or for your personal event: From calm to active – on land, in the air or on water, everything is possible. Browse through our program ideas or simply send us your individual inquiry.

Team Events: Higher Performance. Better Communication. More Creativity.

Team building events are perfect to strengthen the bond and relationship between one another. It promotes that "WE feeling".

Any questions? Just contact us and we'll start right away!

Q&A - Questions about Team Building with adebar


How long do your programs last?

The duration of the programs last anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to an entire day. Most team building events are 3 hours. Time for setting up and preparing must also be planned.


What happens if some of the participants do not like the group programs?

Don't worry. Trust in our experience and in group dynamics. In general, you will see most or all, participate within minutes. Often, they're the ones you least expect. In the end, they all take active roles and thoroughly enjoy it. Which makes it even more fun for everyone!


How much prep time do we need?

How much time do you have? But seriously, the more prep time the better. Sometimes a client calls us eight months in advance. Another client may need to spontaneously plan an important team building activity for the coming week. Remember, we'll bend over backwards for you, so contact us now, even if you only have a few questions.


Can we integrate our corporate message into the event?

Absolutely! We integrate your message, a new product theme or other branding elements in almost every team event. Some clients even ask us to adapt whole games or activities to transport a specific message. Each solution is different. We're looking forward to discussing yours.


Is there a winning team? Are there any prizes?

Many of our programs include a competitive element. Winners are typically determined by cumulative points throughout the team event. Until the end, it's unclear which team wins since the groups have many possibilities to collect points – objectively and subjectively. But the competition is always collegial and focused on the outcome. We do not award prizes apart from bright faces. Some clients sugarcoat it by awarding small team prizes. We suggest to keep the present value of these gifts low. Gift vouchers for a local shop or restaurant are gladly received. A donation to a local charity on behalf of the winning team is also popular.

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