Fischer's Fritz

For Real Fish Heads

With this outdoor incentive, you also attract the driest employee behind the stove. As a location, you choose a port of your choice, for example, along the Mecklenburg Baltic coast. There the participants are greeted by a true fisherman. In addition to learning the fisherman’s language during this incentive on the Baltic Sea, you’ll also learn about the various fish species, the flora and fauna, the surrounding land and people. The profession of the fisherman is being pushed back more and more; many trawlers are only used for trips and deep-sea fishing. You have the chance to experience a fisherman live during this team building event and become a fisherman yourself for one day. The incentive on the coast will long be remembered by employees - only the fresh sea air invites you to take a deep breath and slow down. Of course, a little bit of luck has to accompany this incentive day as well - once the fish is hooked, it is then brought to the cutter via teamwork. Who believes he can now just sit back and let himself drift through the day by the rocking movements of the water...
... will feel the fish knife being pressed into his hand. The fish is expertly excluded on board the cutter. Of course, the crew will be provided with cold and hot drinks depending on the season and enjoy a plate of smoked fish to build up their strength.

What you’ll experience:

If you don‘t want to sail or ride on a tall ship, you're in the right place on a fishing boat. You‘ll drive out to the Baltic Sea, inhale the fresh sea breeze, keep your face in the sun or listen to the fisherman’s explanation of how people fished back then. An incentive in which each participant is allowed to tackle, help and listen. Without further ado: ‚petriheil‘.

Short Overview/Itinerary:

• Welcome in Hotel/Location
• Walk or transfer to the harbour where the cutters lie
• Depending on group size, division into several cutters
• Fishing licenses and equipment are handed out on site
• Taking out the cutter to go fishing
• Drink beer and farewell


  • event type:  Team building
  • suits to:  Slowing down, communication, patience
  • Location:  outdoor
  • people:  8-25 (per cutter)
  • duration:  4-6 hours
  • season:  April-October
  • City:  At the coast
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