Foosball Tournament

This is gonna be kickin'

A foosball tournament as a supporting program for a company event or employee event is a guaranteed perfect match! Depending on the size of your group, we'll provide the appropriate number of foosball tables. Each team is divided into smaller groups. The winners move on to the next round and with a bit of luck and skill, meet at the big semi-finals to win.
We also organise a highlight for you: You'll experience a European or World Foosball Champion in action! What these athletes conjure up on the foosball table will definitely surprise you!

What You'll Experience:

Participant's reserves are broken down. Playing against the other team brings unprecedented dynamics, motivation and ambition to the table. The spectators cheer you on and every goal is celebrated. But there is also absolute silence and concentration when it comes to making „an important decision“. You stop breathing and in this silence you could hear a pin fall to the ground. A true team spirit experience. Especially when all form a group hug as in a real championship.


Short Overview/Itinerary:

• Welcome by the team leader or moderator, explanation of the process, division into smaller teams and briefing
• Game of the first and second rounds, several rounds may be necessary depending on the group size
• In the semi-finals, the teams of the small and big finals are determined
• Victory game followed by a celebration




  • event type:  Team building, supporting program
  • suits to:  Team spirit, strategic thinking, fun, motivation, ambition
  • Location:  Germany
  • people:  10- no limit
  • duration:  2-4 hours
  • season:  All year round
  • City:  indoor
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