GPS Rally

Geocaching Team Event

This GPS team event is perfect for business trips or corporate events - a challenge for all colleagues. Your team are looking for a modern treasure trove: Satellites determine your coordinates; you'll solve tasks and be rewarded. All teams receive a GPS device and a rally book with valuable tips. Each group follows an individual route. In particular, teamwork, skill, creativity and knowledge are required. Only those who successfully combine all these qualities will have the best chance to find the great treasure in the end.

What You'll Experience:

You'll experience an individually developed GPS tour. Not only are caches searched and found, but also tasks have to be solved. Whether it's a blind spot, Bob the Builder or a relay race. We're also looking forward to implementing company elements into the various stations. An individual team building experience in which "fair play" is VERY important because a found cache can not be changed for the following teams.



Short Overview/Itinerary:

•    Welcome by the team leader, explanation of the itinerary
•    division into smaller teams and introduction to the GPS device
•    The teams complete the GPS rally on the basis of the given coordinates in the GPS device
•    All teams arrive at a certain time and place
•    Evaluation of the GPS tour
•    a victory celebration


  • event type:  Team building
  • suits to:  Team fun, strategic thinking, fun, motivation, ambition
  • Location:  outdoor, city, forest
  • people:  10- no limit
  • duration:  2-4 hours
  • season:  All year round
  • City:  Outdoor
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