Hut Party

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As a meeting highlight or as programme point during your dinner, we’ll integrate the tailor-made team event, ‘Mountain Party’, into your event. Either on a voluntary basis or already divided up into teams, the participants compete in different activities against each other. Possible activities are e.g. Cow milking, hammering, pretzel target throwing, measuring jug, sawing logs and much more. Surrounded by charming hut music and the cheering of the other participants, unimagined and dormant powers are released. Ready? Set. Prost!

What you’ll experience:

Not only in the summer can you organise a hut gala evening. Especially in winter with snow and ice, it is an amusing and cheerful team event. Get out of the rest and relaxation mode and go outside. Do not just take the time between lectures with coffee. Get a breath of fresh air, laugh together and cheer each other on.

Short Overview/Itinerary:

• Welcome and short explanation of the team event and itinerary by the team leader
• Division into teams upon request
• Execution of the team event. The duration depends on the number of activities
• Final round and evaluation
• Award ceremony in the evening


  • event type:  Teambuilding
  • suits to:  Bringing fresh air into a conference, self-motivation, ambition, efficiency, concentration
  • Location:  outdoor
  • people:  10 - no limit
  • duration:  30 minutes - 3 hours
  • season:  All year long
  • City:  Germany
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