Museum of 100 Days

Incentive in Kassel: You'll experience one of the most innovative and versatile cities in the centre of Germany. Kassel, located in the German state of Hesse, is not only home to the documenta, but also one of the most extraordinary, and at the same time, most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is unique in the world. The adebars have more romantic-enchanted places in store for you during this programme. Have you ever visited the places inspired by the Brothers Grimm? Bring the Sleeping Beauty Castle back to life or help Mrs. Holle undress the beds! And what are 'Niester Giants' anyway? Whether team building or as a thank you for the employees – there are many good reasons for incentives. With an adebar programme, your incentive trip or conference will be an memorable event.

Programme Ideas for your Incentive Trip to Kassel:

part 1: Grüß Gott (good day) in hessish

The North Hessian city offers an excellent infrastructure, a good price-performance ratio and high service quality. In addition to the variety of locations, accommodation, contrasting scenery and cultural and recreational activities, you can enjoy the Hessian hospitality, for example, in the rustic alpine hut outside of Bavaria.




part 2: Museum of 100 Days

Every 5 years, Kassel presents itself as the perfect host for the world's most important exhibition of contemporary art - the documenta. The documenta was founded in 1955 by Arnold Bode, a drawer, painter and university teacher from Kassel. Bode's visions were followed by people from many countries in the very first year, thus making the exhibition a viable competitor for the Venice Biennale. Your guests will experience first hand what the documenta does in, and for, the city. Side by side in chorus, you'll create voices that continue to resonate with rumours and become true contributors to the current documenta. Interested?


Part 3: Put on your Hiking Boots and Raise your Glasses

Have you ever been to a birthday party to celebrate a 300th anniversary? Well, it's about time you do, so without further ado, let's party and celebrate Hercules' birthday. The most famous son of the city, he towers over everything and everyone and is regarded as the first colossal figure of modern times north of the Alps. The event is celebrated in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. Let's go on a hike - ein Gude! (Good Day)





part 4: Enjoy Wine with the Brothers Grimm

Now, we'll lead you into the world of the Brothers Grimm. The Grimmwelt starts off with a walk-in sculpture in the Weinbergpark, and is a fascinating landscape of knowledge and adventure. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have shaped entire generations with their collection of children's and house fairy tales and were regarded as important linguists of their time. You'll also get to know the 'Ärschlein', who scolds and curses along with the Brothers Grimm. For the strengthening of body and soul, we'll search for the notorious gingerbread house.



  • event type:  Incentive Trip / Incentive Programme / Seminar
  • suits to:  Incentive Trip / Incentive Programme / Seminar / Team building
  • Location:  Indoor/outdoor
  • people:  10 - 200 Participants
  • duration:  At least 2 Nights / 3 Days
  • season:  All year round
  • City:  Kassel, Germany
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