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An incentive to Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony, has a lot to offer visitors. Your incentive trip to Leipzig starts with this motto: "I praise my Leipzig”. Goethe also had something to say about it: "It is a small Paris and forms its people.” As a historic cultural centre, Leipzig accommodated well-known musicians such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Richard Wagner. To this day, Leipzig is a city of poets and thinkers who invite you to learn more about their history and become part of it. But Leipzig is also modern and innovative. The Leipzig Book Fair is known worldwide and every year opens its doors to authors and interested parties. Extensive green space such as the Rosenthal and the "Clarapark" create a good urban climate and space for relaxation. Attractions such as the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, the St. Thomas Church or the city skyscraper ("Uniriese") are popular programme points on your incentive trip. We have already prepared exciting programmes for you.

This awaits you during your incentive trip in Leipzig:

Part 1: Following the Footsteps from the Past

Directly from your hotel, you’ll start on a city tour through historical Leipzig. The old town hall, the Mädlerpassage, the old stock exchange, the fair yards, the market, two churches; the Thomaskirche and the Nikolaikirche offer much exciting history and stories about Leipzig with its outside and partly inside sightseeing experience. Enjoy the unique flair of the city. At the end of this incentive programme, visit Auerbachs Keller, which enchants with its rustic charm and serves one of the many traditional delicacies.

Part 2: With the Bike to „Völki“

Visit the famous Völkerschlachtdenkmal and catch a phenomenal panoramic view. After a short bike ride, you can climb the 364 steps or use the lift. From a small platform you can now overlook the imposing complex of monuments, which stretches over four hectares. With the integrated Forum 1813, you’ll receive spectacular insights into the events of the Battle of Nations. The incentive tour through Leipzig leads past the park of the former Johannisfriedhof where you can admire various interesting tombs and special epitaphs.

Part 3: „From cotton to culture“

This part of the programme during your incentive trip through Leipzig takes your guests to a former cotton mill where many artists and galleries are located today. The red brick buildings provide a home for a hundred artist studios, eleven galleries, workshops, architects, designers, jewellry and fashion designers and printers. During this incentive in Leipzig you will experience a 1-hour tour of the area and visit galleries and a workshop. Then there is enough time to stroll and rummage around and take a refreshment in the café or outside beer garden.

Part 4: Give it up for the Pony

Didn’t you always want to sit on a horse and swing a club? Then Polo is just the sport for you. You don’t need any riding experience as the training takes place on trained polo ponies. During this incentive in Leipzig you’ll also have the opportunity to get a taste of this fascinating sport. Four players try on smart and agile four-legged friends with a long wooden racket to carry a small plastic ball in the opponent's goal. During the game, you’ll wear helmets and change the horses several times. An extraordinary experience awaits you!


  • event type:  Incentive trip / Incentive Programme
  • suits to:  Company/Client event
  • Location:  indoor / outdoor
  • people:  10-500 participants
  • duration:  at least 3 days / 2 nights
  • season:  All year long
  • City:  Leipzig, Germany
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