A City Full of Authenticity

From an infrastructural point of view, Lisbon is an ideal location for an incentive. The city is one to three hours flight from most European cities. The Lisbon airport is very centrally located and is only 15 minutes away from the city centre and 30-45 minutes from Cascais or Sintra. With the openness and tolerance, this traditional city can prove itself for international events in the global competition. Around the city of Lisbon, just 45 minutes away, there are three unique places that are perfect for an incentive - the historic metropolis of Cascais, the romantic village and world heritage site of Sintra and the nature reserve area around the Arrábida mountain.

Part 1: Modern & Historical Lisbon

In the first part of your incentive, you will experience the different facets of Lisbon. From the hotel, you’ll be picked up by a bus. The tour starts at "Parque das Nações". The Park of Nations was the former World Exhibition Centre of 1998 and today, it is one of the most modern and chic areas in Lisbon. A 10-minute cable car ride will take you to see beautiful attractions. Then it's time to travel to the Alfama district, the oldest district in Lisbon with a labyrinth of narrow streets. A guide will take you to the most historically important buildings, including the Sé Cathedral, the Castle of Lisbon, the National Pantheon and Saint Anthony's Church. In brightly coloured Beatles, you will be brought back to the hotel.

Part 2: Historic City Centre in the Evening

In the second incentive programme section, the guide will take you through the most popular neighbourhoods of Lisbon "Chiado and Bairro Alto". These neighbourhoods are closely linked; one modern and chic, the other trendy and cool, especially at night. Chiado is the popular shopping and theatre district of Lisbon with its historic monuments, traditional shops, and interesting cafés and restaurants. The Bairro Alto, on the other hand, has little to offer during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, the numerous small bars open. For dinner, we’ll go to the restaurant "Cantinho do Avillez", a cozy place where tradition and modernity live together. Experience the typical Portuguese cuisine with the influence of the world - a pure taste experience.

Part 3: The Metropolis Cascais

Have fun and adrenaline - experience the thrill of a speedboat ride along the Lisbon coast with your incentive team. With a fast ride on the Tagus, you’ll have the opportunity to see Lisbon with its many attractions from the water. The journey ends in the popular summer resort of Cascais. On foot and with a guide, you’ll explore the streets of the city, the small harbour with its fishing boats and the citadel fortress on the seafront. The Farol de Santa Marta is at the western end of Cascais. This lighthouse from the 19th century is now a museum. You’ll learn all about the history and technology of the lighthouse and finally climb it to the top. A great view of the sea and the picturesque Cascais awaits you.

Part 4: The Portugese Sintra

By bus, the last leg of the incentive trip, you’ll travel to Sintra which is 25km away. A guide will take you and your incentive participants to the picturesque town centre and from there, you’ll visit the royal palace of the Palácio Nacional, the former mansion Quinta da Regaleira with the beautiful park and the chapel Santíssima Trindade. A highlight during the chapel visit will be the descent into the huge fountain of initiation, from which you will pass through a cave into the green garden. After the sightseeing, all incentive participants have time to explore the city by themselves. Typical of Portugal are the products made of cork. Be enchanted by the variety of products.


  • event type:  Incentive trip
  • suits to:  Company event, teambuilding, incentives
  • Location:  indoor / outdoor
  • people:  20-250 participants
  • duration:  at least 3 days / 2 nights
  • season:  May - September
  • City:  Lisbon, Portugal
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