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Lake Lucerne: An atmospheric location full of great diversity:

If you’re traveling in Switzerland for a conference or an incentive trip and you reach Lucerne, you’ll find a small, tranquil and traditional city with clean and well-kept streets and an unforgettable view of the surrounding mountain panorama. These expectations are not only met, they’re topped! Because in the midst of this idyllic atmosphere lies a futuristic congress centre located directly on the lake. State-of-the-art party ships head for the harbour, while other incentive guests are magically attracted to an extravagant Rockstar hotel and beautiful resorts that host big events with vision. In Lucerne, you sometimes have the feeling that you’re living in the past and in the future at the same time.

What to expect during your incentive trip to Lucerne:

Part 1: Arrival City–Country-Lake

From the Zurich Airport, you can easily board the train and land directly in the city centre of Lucerne. In just 45-60 minutes, you’re able to relax, enjoy the view, have a small snack or listen to the first lectures with a headphone system. In Lucerne, we’ll take your luggage so that you can enjoy the less than 5 minute walk to the lakeshore. There, the ship awaits you for a wonderful transfer across Lake Lucerne. On board, you’ll continue your event with snacks, drinks and networking until you reach the Bürgenstock Resort pier. A small rack railway will take you directly to the hotel and to the reception area. After check-in, you‘ll have some time to relax.

Part 2: Hiking to the Hammetschwand Lift

The Hammetschwand lift, at 1132 m, is the highest outdoor lift in Europe. It was built over 100 years ago. The footpath to the lift station is wheelchair accessible and easy to reach via the serpentine path. Today, the lift takes you 152 metres in less than a minute to a magnificent view overlooking the mountain panorama and the lake. Take a break at the mountain restaurant, where you can enjoy a snack before heading back down. In a good restaurant in the evening, you can expect plenty of opportunities to learn about the culinary diversity of Switzerland.

Part 3: An Evening in the Taverne 1879

Quaint interiors and the best Swiss cheese fondue await you in a historic tavern. Step into this cosy house above the Bürgenstock Hotel Resort. Just a few minutes walk away, you can expect an authentic ambience with culinary delights. Look forward to the typical Swiss specialties during your incentive in Lucerne. The way back to the hotel is short and the bar is open to offer you a breathtaking panoramic view.

Part 4: Discover Lucerne with an Architect Tour and Rockstars

On the next day of your incentive in Lucerne, you’ll transfer by ship or a short bus ride to the beautiful old town. Here you can expect historic buildings in combination with state-of-the-art event facilities. Depending on the incentive program, you can also hold your conference or workshop directly at Lake Lucerne instead of your typical hotel location. In a very personal city tour, you’ll visit a special Rockstar hotel as well as the landmarks of the city of Lucerne, e.g. Chapel Bridge (Kappellbrücke) with the water tower.

Part 5: The Best Kitchen Party Ever

The quality of Swiss hotels is considered excellent. Join us in a live, large hotel kitchen and sit down with your group at the Chefs table. You’ll only stay there briefly because soon you’ll be tempted to look over the chefs' shoulders while he talks shop with you at the "Mise en place". A good Swiss wine, which is rarely found outside of Switzerland, completes the delicious menu!


  • event type:  incentive trip / incentive program
  • suits to:  motivation / meetings / team buildings
  • Location:  indoor / outdoor
  • people:  10-500 participants
  • duration:  at least 3 days / 2 nights
  • season:  all year round
  • City:  Lucerne, Switzerland
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