Offroad Team Challenge

Smooth Technology

More offroad is just not possible - an extraordinary Outdoor Motorsport Team Challenge! In addition to extravagant and old vehicles, you'll welcome and accompany passionate tech freaks. The former Russian military site is huge and there is much to discover. The brigade armour directly controls everything in the water from land. A Ural as well as an articulated bus are ready and giving you permission to drive. Exhibitions have been made out of some aircraft hangars to show off old vehicles and their parts - there's just no end to the surprise! After this experience, you'll only be giving your neighbour a weary smile.

What You'll Experience:

A different kind of fun! This offroad training in combination with various tasks are perfect for your team development. With a jeep, you'll be heading into new terrain - awakening your adventure and discovery spirit. If you're looking for pure luxury, a super trendy atmosphere and a 4-course lunch menu in a fine restaurant, you are definitely in the wrong place. This - right here - is a journey back in time, including stories, anecdotes and much, much more.


Short Overview/Itinerary:

• Welcome by the representatives of the technical association
• explanation of the process
• division into smaller groups
• To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy fun and the exhibitions, teams are formed
• In the rotation stage, you'll go through the stations - an Olympiad is also possible
• Afterwards, there is an evaluation and victory celebration
• On request in combination with a grill-buffet


  • event type:  Supporting program, team building
  • suits to:  Team experience, team building, fun with driving, Outdoor challenge
  • Location:  Special location
  • people:  10- no limit
  • duration:  over 4 hours
  • season:  All year round
  • City:  Outdoor
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