Pedal Paddle

In water and on land

"Pedal Paddle" is an adebar team building event that combines cycling and canoeing. Ideal for business trips or as a supporting program at a company event. The wire-ropes 7-speed touring bikes or e-bikes are available for all participants. Experienced team guides will explain the course of the route. You'll enjoy a bike ride on beautiful country roads, through the pristine forests or along the coast. The tour takes you to the boat station. After a relaxing picnic, you'll walk away from the pedals and pick up the paddle. At that exact point is when you feel it: The fascination of sitting in a canoe or kayak in a quiet water landscape paradise! After a brief introduction to the paddling technique, you'll paddle in the beautiful river through the untouched nature in a 2 - 3 seater canoe or 3 seater kayak. The group is accompanied by a hiking and nature guide, aka the Ranger.

What You'll Experience:

Time to Relax: A relaxing team game offers a lot of room for conversation amongst the participants - away from the noise of the city in a wonderful natural setting. Let yourself be guided by expert guides on bike, canoe or kayak and become one with nature. Learn about the flora and fauna, paddling technique and just enjoy a good time together.



Short Overview/Itinerary:

• Welcome by the project leader and explanations of the process
• Instruction by bicycle and nature guidance
• Start with the bike or the canoe / kayak tour (schedule at least 2 hours per tour)
• Depending on the group size, the tours can also run simultaneously but always accompanied by a team guide
• Shared picnic




  • event type:  Supporting program, excursion
  • suits to:  Time for conversation, shared activities, communication, down time
  • Location:  Ocean, rivers, inland waters, forests, national parks
  • people:  10-25
  • duration:  over 4 hours
  • season:  April - October
  • City:  Outdoor
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