Raft Building

Build a raft just like Huckleberry Finn

Raft Building is an exciting team event with a feeling of pure adventure! Building a raft together is a true problem-solving team building event. During the planning and construction stage, everyone is required to realise a viable idea. There are no limits to your creativity. Divided into small groups, everyone gets the same building materials. These can even be creative materials; some rafts were built from sitting benches. With a limited amount of time, every group is expected to build a load-bearing raft. Subsequently, the floatability is checked. Who wants to test it first? Afterwards, all the teams on the shore face the same challenge: The raft must float around a buoy in the water in a certain amount of time. If desired, you can turn this into a relay, allowing each team member to manoeuvre the raft. Grab a paddle and off you go!

What You'll Experience:

Using simple tools, the crew builds a floating raft and sails around a buoy in a race against other teams. In the best case scenario, the raft is brought safely back to shore again in one piece. Teamwork is at the forefront and keeps everyone above water: First build, then trust! The team event "Raft Building" excellently enhances the we-feeling coupled with fun.



Short Overview/Itinerary:

•  Welcome by the team guides and project leader
•  Explanation of the itinerary
•  Work stations with complete material for raft building and sailing
•  Raft construction, station consultants are near to give advice and take action
•  Test of swimming suitability with a subsequent race
•  Evaluation and victory celebration


  • event type:  Team building, company event, outdoor event
  • suits to:  Communication, Teamwork, Team problem-solving, Motivation, We-feeling
  • Location:  Ocean, lakes, rivers
  • people:  10- no limit
  • duration:  2-4 hours
  • season:  April - October
  • City:  outdoor
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