A Cool Hanseatic City

An incentive trip to Rotterdam is a huge surprise. Cool, cooler, coolest! Along with Amsterdam, Rotterdam is one of the cities in Holland that will absolutely thrill you. In this architectural city, you'll see small and large details on every corner that contribute to the overall ensemble of the city. Make new out of old and old out of new - a mixture of old and modern design and construction of buildings, bridges and residential towers. You'll dine wonderfully, shop wisely and experience great art and architecture.

Program Ideas for your Incentive Trip to Rotterdam:

part 1: What a Sight

... and just think, it's only an hour away from Amsterdam Schipol International Airport. Immediately after arrival, we'll escort you to the seventh floor of your hotel to enjoy a refreshing aperitif overlooking the Erasmus Bridge. A wonderful prelude to your journey. Flying Appetizers satisfy your hunger before heading to a restaurant for dinner.




part 2: Everything Revolves Around Food

The Dutch cuisine is characterised by different nationalities and the Indonesian influence of the past. We take you to the market hall, which is amazing! The construction is gigantic and the enthusiastic visitors provide a lively crowd. But not only the hall offers a spectacle, much more, the market itself. Wonderful fragrances and creatively arranged products are a must - a work of art from market stalls, restaurants and shops.


part 3: What's up with that?

The city on the Maas river uses the space for architectural experiments - we'll show them to you. The cube houses are one of the most bizarre building complexes, so odd and crazy that you'll wonder what the architect is trying to tell you. It's actually very simple. A cube is supposed to represent a tree and when viewed altogether, an entire forest - time for a retreat in the city. "I wouldn't have thought that. Instead, I thought of the magic cube," said Kristin Teschner. The dice-tree houses are inhabited, and because so many people were flattening their noses on the windowpanes, one resident opened his door for visitors. This house is now open for sightseeing, and the owner was able to quickly abandon his old job.


part 4: Spido – not Speedy Gonzales

... the fastest mouse of Mexico. Whether harbour cruise, presentation, exhibition, conference or an unforgettable evening event, this ship offers you everything you need. And by the way, discover the largest seaport in Europe: the ship meanders effortlessly past large container ships and cruise liners. All aboard!




  • event type:  Incentive trip / Incentive program / Seminar
  • suits to:  Incentive trip / Incentive program / Seminar / Team buildings
  • Location:  Indoor / outdoor
  • people:  10-500 participants
  • duration:  At least 2 nights / 3 days
  • season:  All year round
  • City:  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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