Sail Ahoy

All in One Boat, Staying on Course!

With an historic grand sailing vessel on a common course: Fresh Baltic Sea wind, deep blue water and a team in a good mood. Experience unforgettable hours on a venerable and proud ship. Depending on the size of the group, we can charter the appropriate sailboat. For a half or full day, the ship crew will treat your guests with drinks and culinary delights.

Stay Close and Get Ready to Turn

Only if the team spirit is right will you steer in one direction. You'll be allowed to lend a hand and look over the shoulders of the captain and crew. On some ships, you can go out on a wakeboard and relax afterwards in a hot whirlpool. A grand sailboat can also be booked for an evening trip – ideal as a supporting program for a company event or convention. Sail with a cool beer in hand watching the sunset. An accordion player, a cocktail show or a DJ round off the evening and then at some point, you're there: Land in sight!

What You'll Experience:

On a big sailing excursion, it's not about higher, faster, farther. You provide impetus for the team spirit while at the same time enjoying rest and relaxation. It takes time for the grand sailer to put up and lay down sails. It doesn't happen at the push of a button. The interplay of the crew and guests plays an important role here. They watch as the gull glides in the sky and the waves break at the bow.

Short Overview/Itinerary:

  • Handshake welcome by the crew.
  • The informal German word for "you", Du, is immediately used - the formal "you", Sie, has no chance on this shi
  • Set off from the harbour with the help of an engine and once out on the open sea, traditional sailing will commence.
  • Small Challenge: Divided into teams, you will learn how to tie the sailor's knots.
  • Who or what is bowline knot? We bring light to Flagging 101.
  • Getting ready for dinner: And which team is the fastest potato peeler?
  • All accompanied by the captain's cock and bull story: Short anecdotes and stories.
  • Hein, our beloved accordion player, makes everyone laugh and sing along.
  • And there you have it: How a trip becomes an interesting excursion.


  • event type:  Team building, team event, incentive
  • suits to:  Strengthening communication in team, group experience, unpluging and recharging - mobile-free, enthusiasm & fun, taking a break from everyday life
  • Location:  outdoor
  • people:  10- no limit
  • duration:  2-4 hours
  • season:  May - October
  • City:  Baltic Sea
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