Riva Yacht & Powerboat RIB

Grandezza + Adrenaline

A team event with elegance & speed! Revel at the sight of the luxurious Riva motorboats from the 60s, and be ready for an adrenaline rush with the Powerboat RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boat). This sporty fun event is ideal for an active break during a meeting, incentive trip or as a supporting programme of a company celebration.
We bring the motorboats to the water or on land to the desired port - either on the Baltic Sea, a lake or the Mediterranean Ocean. Each boat, depending on the desired speed, can travel with up to 8 people per tour. Both boats look extremely different but whoever thinks that the Riva Yacht is only a leisure boat, is wrong. The two boats can easily compete with each other!

What You'll Experience:

This sporting event is all about elegance, speed and lots of fun! In perfectly restored, luxurious Rivas, the participants cut through the water with Italian grandeur, as did Sean Connery or the Bardot of the Mediterranean in St. Tropez. After that, it's time to change: into a water-resistant suit. Because riding in a Power RIBs is amazing! It's like bull riding on the water - free facelift included ;-). It's an unforgettable, top-class and sporty event also suitable for corporate and large events.





Short Overview/Itinerary:

• Welcome by the experienced Skipper
• Explanation of the safety measures, including signing of the disclaimer
• 20 minute boat ride on the water
• Docking and smiling





  • event type:  Supporting programme, team event, incentive
  • suits to:  Pleasure, Fun, Action
  • Location:  On water
  • people:  10- no limit
  • duration:  2-4 hours / 20 minutes per ride
  • season:  April - October
  • City:  Outdoor
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